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Wrappack 400 and 220 Y
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The wrappack 400 is a new designed filling and wrapping machine for miniportions.
Using our long experience we have designed this machine for our customers with
very reasonable price by using state of the art technic and experience.
The machine is suitable to pack butter miniportions from 8 to 50g with a speed
of 400 p/min. There is also a version for yeast or soup paste with a speed of 220 p/min.

Drive unit
- SEW-three-phase alternator motor
- With frequency transformation: SEW - MOVITRAC
- Speed control with worm drive

Electric controller
- In separate V2A control box
- Power current 400V, 50 Hz
- Current consumption apr. 15A (depending on design)
- Control current 24V-DC with SPS
- Control unit „Klöckner-Möller“ diameter: 22mm
- Initiator: „Balluff“

- Twin chamber 400 P/ min
- Single chamber 200 P/ min

Filling weigth
- Twin chamber: 8-50 g
- Single chamber: 50-500 g

Folding principle
- Bottom fold
- Lengthside fold

Product infeed
1. Design: direct connection to butterpump or pipe radiator (cooler)
2. Design: closed V2A screw trough

- Volumetric dosing with continuous circulatory cylinder
- Twin chamber and single chamber filling with lift element (cell) CIP-cleanable
- Materials 4301, copper free, partial PTF coated and hard chromium-plated

Wrapping material
- Aluminium laminated material, parchment, plastic coated material other foils as optional
- Reel diameter 500mm, key-marks for photocell controller
- Foils pull out with servo-drive „ELAU“
- Lengthwise-section and cross-section equipment

- Main drive unit and worm drive in closed oil bath
- Roller bearings sealed and lifetime lubricated
- Slide bearings oil impregnated sintered-bronze or connection to centralized lubrication system