Verpackungsmaschinen Horst Dinger GmbH - neue und generalüberholte Maschinen für die Lebensmittel
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Wraparound packs, tubs and minipacks

Machine program

On the picture above you can see a few sample packets which are packed on our machines.
We are manufacturing and reconditioning cup filling machines as well as wrapp around machines.
We can offer you machines for miniportions from 8g up to machines for 500g packets.
Following are samples of pasty products that can be packed on the machines:
butter, margarine, yeast, soup paste, fruit paste, fresh cheese and marzipan.

Reconditioned Benhil machines

The reconditioned Benhil machines are delivered with warranty and adjusted to our
customers needs. Availiable machines are cup filling and closing machines, filling
and wrapping machines, butter homogenizer and final cartoning machines. Just ask for an quotation.
Our Service includes installation, size parts and spare parts.